The Missouri Cheer Coaches rocked the Country Club Inn & Suites (at the Lake of the Ozarks) in their “Building Spirit” clothes (think “Construction guy” from The Village People) on the first evening of the Convention last week-end.

Grain Valley Coaches "Building" Gear!

Grain Valley Coaches “Building” Gear!

SpiritWorks Cheer was right in the middle of everything, loving every minute. We had some of our own spirit presents to give away last weekend – with our coach shirts and the smile rings being a fun addition!

Smile Rings :)

Smile Rings were a Hit!

I was asked to be a presenter, and my Saturday session was “Coaches Tool Box for Success.” The session was a fun 45 minutes of theme spirit presents, idea packets, and coach exchanges.  I am not embarrassed to admit that MCCA Spring Convention is one of my absolute favorite week-ends of the whole year. I get to see my favorite “old cheer coach friends” from around the State, and also meet the newby coaches who are just starting out.  It makes my heart smile to help a coach figure out how to handle a challenge with the latest drama on their squad.

I had the honor to spending time talking with Linda Krinkle, cheer coach for many years at St. Mary’s High School in Independence.  The school is closing and Linda is having a hard time saying good-bye. Yes, Linda’s school is closing, she won’t be coaching cheer, and she still attended MCCA’s Cheer Coach Convention.  She told me it was for “closure.”  Linda’s sincerity and honest feelings touched my heart.  She’s a wonderful example of a cheer coach who loves her kids, who loves cheerleading, and who will continue to touch lives forever.  Thank you Linda for making a difference in my life and in the lives of the girls you coached through the years.

The Bill and Linda Show!

The Bill and Linda Show!

To close out the Convention, I was part of the “Bill and Linda Show” on Sunday morning.  Good friend and NCA Vice President Bill Patterson and I “put it all together” with the Building Blocks for Success.  Coaches shared ideas and life experiences with attendees before MCCA Proposals voting session.

We can’t wait to stay in contact with all of the new coaches and old friends – here’s to everyone having a great year as they kick off their 2013-2014 season!

Smiles and Spirit!

Linda Rae Chappell, SpiritWorks President