Watch out Lake of the Ozarks! Cheer coaches from around Missouri are embarking on a journey to the Country Club Hotel and Spa this weekend for the annual MCCA Convention.  SpiritWorks Cheer will definitely be represented well!

While Jesse will be manning the booth and handing out goodies (pictures to come!), Linda will be spreading her over 40 years of cheerleading/coaching experience through working sessions.  A Saturday morning session features Linda in one of her favorite topics Рarming coaches with a toolbox of ideas as the new season approaches.

Watch as Bill Patterson with NCA and Linda team up on Sunday for the closing session where they will get coaches ready to “build” on all the MCCA sessions from the weekend and take a few spirit presents back to continue to “build” their own squads.

There will be much more to come as this weekend unfolds – but as a special treat – here is a sneak peek at our postcard going out to all of our coaching contacts, not only in Missouri, but throughout the Midwest!

Let us know what you think!!!SpiritWorks Cheer!