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Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do 

Whew!! If you have kept up with our schedule you know we have been busy with tryouts all over the Kansas City metro area.  Tryout season is my favorite time of year because we get to see new talent, improved talent and coaches who are so excited for their upcoming year. This is the time of year that school is starting to wrap up but cheer season is just getting started!

After tryouts come parent meetings, practices, learning competition routines, a lot of early morning practices getting ready for competition and all throughout summer break – this sport is not a part time commitment.

As a judge for tryouts for many years I see some amazing things (ok, and some not-so-amazing things) but those moments that stick with us judges may not always mean the highest skill.  At the heart of cheerleading is the passion, the smile, the joy that radiates from performing.  It is that natural shine that draws a judge in, same as it does a crowd.  So remember, just because you have a beautiful toe touch and an amazing full doesn’t mean you can get away with looking bored or bland and just because you might not have that back tuck or the best toe touch out there doesn’t mean you can’t impress those judges with your shine.

Just remember to smile, show us all that you LOVE to cheer, you’re having fun and you are excited about the opportunity to cheer for your school and represent them throughout the year.  That excitement leaves a lasting impression on the judges at tryouts, at competition and on your crowd.  It is what makes your student body cheer with you – it is what makes this sport FUN.

Love what you do and do what you love – we know we do!

Jesse Shroyer – Camp Director