SpiritWorks Personalized Camp Experience!

Camp Director Linda Rae Chappell and her staff will personalize all instructional materials and private coach you to your greatness!

Here’s a basic overview of The SpiritWorks Camp Experience:

*Private Coaching in Any Aspect of Cheerleading

*National Federation Safety Rules

*Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Stunts, Pyramids, Transitions and Safety

*Team Building Activities and Goal Setting

*Performance Routine with Dancing, Cheering, Stunting

*Motion Technique

*Crowd Involvement Cheers and Sideline Chants

*Pom and Hip Hop Sideline Dances

The types of services SpiritWorks and our Staff can offer you:

*Competition Choreography for Regional or State Routines

*Dorm Camp

*Private Camps at your School

*Private Coaching/Routine Clean Up

*One Day Intensive Camps

*Basketball Cheer Clinics

*Football Cheer Clinics

*Youth Cheer Clinics

*Pre-Tryout Prep

*Tryout Judges

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